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Battle of Estepona

The upmarket Spanish holiday resort town of Estepona on the Costa del Sol hosted an ISKA World Championship event on the 17th July. Two World title fights and two Intercontinental title fights attracted over 2500 spectators to the Estepona Bull Ring.

The card was a truly international featuring fighters from Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Morocco, Spain and Thailand. All the title matches were contested under ISKA Oriental Rules Javier Fernandez of Spain dominated Argentina’s Leon Brest to take the ISKA Intercontinental Light- welterweight title. Leon’s Brother Gaston Brest pulled on back for Argentina winning a points decision against Spain’s Repiso ‘El Conquistador’.

The ISKA World Light-middleweight title was contested by Spain’s Francisco Palezuela and Argentina’s Aquiles Cano. Unfortunately it was all over in seconds, with the first exchange of kicks Cano was hit in low as he folded reaching for his groin Palezuela stepped in with a head kick knocking the argentine out cold. The referee had shouted stop prior to the head kick and Cano was in no position to defend himself. It may have been heat of the moment but Palezuela’s late kick was declare a foul and he was disqualified and may face further disciplinary action from the Spanish Kickboxing Federation. 

ISKA World Muaythai Champion Rungnakorn Kharnapan from Thailand who in recent years has made his home in the highlands of Scotland made a bid to win a second ISKA World title. Kharnapan faced Spain’s’ Zeben Sui Diaz for the ISKA World Light-welterweight Championship. After an even first round Diaz connected with a heavy right dropping
Kharnapan he regained his senses and finished the round. For the rest of the fight the Thai fell foul of rules in an effort to negate the Spaniards excellent boxing skills, he went into clinch and knee attack which is fine in Muaythai but not under Oriental rules where clinch is limited the fight became scrappy and he received a minus point from the referee. To add to Kharnapan’s frustration he was not allowed to catch his opponent’s leg or foot and counter attack although this is allowed under Oriental Rules the Spanish Kickboxing Federation which is government recognised does not allow it and the ISKA have to respect the National governing bodies rules. Another minus point for catching the foot and by the fourth round the Thai had enough after yet another minus point he abandoned the match vowing to only fight under Muaythai rules in the future. Diaz will make a good champion he is fast and skilful he maintained his cool in a difficult fight. The card was broadcast by Spanish Eurosport with highlights broadcast in South America by ESPN Deportes. 

19 July 2009

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