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Edwards and Parr score KO’s at Capital Punishment 4 in Canberra Australia

Australia’s capital Canberra played host to a major International ISKA sanctioned card at the National Convention Centre on the 30th July, the main events featured Australian Muaythai legend John Wayne Parr plus ISKA World heavyweight Champion and K-1 Oceana Champion Ben Edwards.

John Wayne Parr faced Mustafa Abdollahi from Iran a replacement for his schedule opponent South African Vuyisile Colossa. Parr and Mustafa started carefully with both fighters feeling each other out and getting there distance each landing single shots both started to pick up the pace just before the end of the 1st which was a very even round. In the second Parr landed massive straight rights cross as Mustafa was coming in and sent him hard straight to the deck face first. Mustafa beat the count, Parr pounced on the opportunity throwing a barrage of punches forcing Mustafa back into the corner before the Ref called it off.

Ben Edwards face Mighty Mo K-1 USA Champion, Ben started chopping away at Mo’s legs from the first exchange but about one minute in the boys just started brawling with big shots , Ben dropped Mo with a punch combo just before the end of the first round. At the Start of the second Mo came out all guns blazing hitting Ben with multiple big shots and backing him up into the corner. In the next exchange Ben landed a heavy leg kick Mo tried to crowd Ben and then Ben pulled Mo’s head to the side and connected with a big high round right knee to the jaw knocking him out.

Other results:

Cedric NTG vs Erik Noosa - SHW - Winner: Erik Noosa RD 3 KO

Steve Moxon vs Harlee Avison - 70kg - Winner: Steve Moxon RD 1 KO ( body shot ).

Tom Newcombe vs Terry Hearne - 66.8kg - Majority Draw

Charlie Thompson vs Jake Caldwell - 69.5kg - Winner: Jake RD 1 KO

Ben Reid vs Spiro Black - 81.4kg - Winner: Spiro Black Un Decision

Josh Tonna vs Ben Mahoney - 59.5kg - Winner: Ben Mahoney Split Dec

John Fisher vs Brane Zec - 96.4kg - Winner: John Fisher Un Dec

8 August 2011

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