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4th February Dublin, Ireland was treated to an epic night of kickboxing and K-1 Rules in the D4 Hotel. Chris Boyne ISKA promoter, and his Primal Fighting Championships, put on a show that was second to none, I have been at all his shows now, and they get better and better each time. The show was a sell-out, with not a seat or a standing place in the house available.

The show had everything, great fights, great atmosphere, fantastic production (Light and sound), excellent refereeing, and a crowd that was so vocal, they almost lifted the roof of the hotel.

James Kelly from Primal Kickboxing made his return to the ring to challenge for the ISKA Irish Amateur Middleweight Kickboxing 75kg against Kayne Nelson.  Kelly came out and went to war with Nelson. The crowd were on their feet for this one, 5 non-stop action packed rounds winning a unanimous decision and the Championship belt.

Darren Cummins from Primal Kickboxing contested the ISKA Irish Amateur Light-welterweight title 64.5kg against Nicky Dullard who proved to be a very tough opponent, again for 5 non-stop action packed rounds. The crowd for this was unbelievable, Darren had very vocal support, and he did not disappoint them winning unanimous decision and the Championship belt.

The show also featured some of Ireland’s top pro fighters including Mark Casserly and Jono Bracken who both won their matches and a four man tournament that was won by Aslan Bisayev

Overall the show was amazing you could see the ISKA promoter Chris Boyne had spared no expense in putting on the show. Can’t wait for the next show, I hear something is very big in the pipeline

28 February 2012

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