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Neil Kelly’s USKA staged an Amateur ISKA British Championship card on the 6th December at the Yardley Ex-service men’s club in Birmingham. Craig Carter (Spartans) faced Jake 'Rattlesnake' Richards (USKA) to contest the vacant ISKA Amateur British Light-welterweight Championship

Jake Richards with team mate Qasim Nisar

Jake Richards with team mate Qasim Nisar

A highly anticipated amateur British title fight that lived up to all expectation and then some. Beautiful clash of styles with the slick long range and technical work of Craig matched against the relentless pressure fighting and volume of technique of Jake. Craig started well hitting Jake at will in round one looking every bit as good as the reputation that preceded him. Jake unperturbed kept on coming and kept on exchanging leather. Craig at times looked superb defensively making Jake miss but Jake’s persistence paid off wearing down and eventually dropping Craig with a heavy uppercut not long into the 5th round. The towel was thrown in by the Spartans corner but in fairness it did not look like Craig was ever going to beat the count. Fight of the night by a long way and once again Jake Richards’s giving value for money participating in yet another Amateur classic that was worth the entree fee on its own. Former Amateur World Champion Qasim Nisar headlined the card adding another win to his unbeaten pro record, he was schedule to face Frenchman Guillame Soyer but he had problems making weight. Late replacement Irfan Mithagre fell victim to a devastating right hand in the second round that he had no chance of recovering from. An interesting clash of styles here that saw an unbeaten fighter in Norman Smith from Leicester Kickboxing pitched in against a fighter in transition and on the comeback trail in Lee Whitfield. Lee was returning after two heavy back to back loses against Mick Crossland and Andrew Tate and also having to contend with a change of training camp to the USKA gym. Norman who had dealt with everything put in front of him in style albeit at a lower level. Norman started strong putting Lee under pressure in the first round asking questions of the Telford man’s heart. Lee rides the storm and from the second round onwards finds his range picking his shots well and clocking up the points over an increasingly tiring Norman to earn a well deserved point’s win.

15 December 2008

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